“I've suffered from neck pain for many years now, and more recently have started experiencing headaches.  I have started seeing Melissa and although I have tried several types of therapies, massage has brought me the most relief.” -Becky B.

“My job is very physical and as a result I am prone to low back pain.  Melissa has been able to deal very effectively with this pain which has enabled me to be more productive when I am working.  I really appreciate how Melissa not only helps to relieve the pain but she helps me to understand what's going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing my pain.  She has also recommended some stretches that really have helped me.  Thanks Melissa!” -Christopher M.

“Regular massage with Sarah has kept my chronic lower back stiffness under control. Sarah asks questions, listens carefully, and addresses whatever other problems need to be addressed, as well. I look forward to my monthly massage and would not want to do without it!"  -Linda, West Bath 

“I look forward to my massages with Sarah, she always does a fantastic job and I feel great afterward.  She is warm, caring and truly loves what she does and that comes across in her sessions.  I'm a massage therapist myself and recommend people to her.  I also like to pick her brain and she's very helpful with her knowledge.” -Anonymous, Brunswick

“I have spent a lifetime being physically active, not only in athletic pursuits, but also on the job….  As a result I have a few physical ‘issues’. Add to this several periods of great stress in my life. Put it all together and Sarah's massages address the effects of everything combined better than anyone or anything else.” -Sherry, age 64

“Staci gave me a massage two or three days after I broke my collar bone.  She got the muscles to relax around the snapped clavicle.  The relaxed muscles stopped pulling on the ends of the bones and the pain lessened without medication.  I was very happy to stop taking so many pain meds and sleep peacefully.  My recovery was much faster and pleasant.” -Georgette

“I was fortunate that my wife recommended Staci to me and thus began a long run of monthly appointments. I brought the perhaps usual complaints of an older, thin person with arthritis in various places: the frozen shoulders, tendonitis in arms and hands and the additional concerns of a type 1 diabetic of very long duration: circulation problems and neuropathy problems. Staci demonstrates excellent skill and consistent concern…. [I am] a very satisfied customer who looks forward to the next visit.” -James

“For my second pregnancy, I decided to see Sarah for prenatal massages. The massages alleviated the pregnancy aches and pains and they helped reduce my stress level. I believe the pregnancy was much smoother as a result of the prenatal massages.” -Brenna M

“I felt much better after the very first massage with Hillary. My back pain does flare up occasionally, but I continue with regular massage mostly because of the overall sense of well-being and relaxation it provides me well being and relaxation it provides me. Hillary is the best therapist I've ever had. She works incredibly hard and always tailors each massage to my changing needs.” -S. McCarthy

“Hillary makes it so comfortable.  She is very down to earth and she made sure that my first experience with massage was not uncomfortable in any way.  Very professional and caring.  And the massage room I was in is very cool too!” -Arlene

“I first came for a massage because of upper back pain and tightness…. I feel that the deep tissue massage addresses the root of the problem…. Hillary is my therapist and she is great. I think she is really gifted at this work. She can go to a spot I'm having some trouble with, even when I forgot to tell her about it….” -Jim Bloxsom- Harpswell

“Regular massage with Staci is vital to my physical and emotional well being. It helps my lower back pain, shoulder pain and helps keep me healthier. I recover quicker from things like a cold and feel it is due to regular massage releasing toxins that can build up in our bodies. I would highly recommend this massage practice to anyone. You won't be disappointed with your care.” -T. Crooker

“I initially came for massage because of a chronic gemellus contraction related to old knee injury which resulted in pain in my left leg, knee and hip. Limping along was becoming a way of life, limiting activity. Optimal functioning for me is contingent on maintaining muscle release, relaxation, strength and flexibility. Massage is part of that. Staci is a fantastic therapist, skilled at DTM, intuitive to energy and healing. I really appreciate her care and hope to get in soon!” -Linda